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Transition Centre

In coordination with our partners, CAF Transition Group provides professional, personalized, and standardized transition services and casualty support to CAF members, veterans, and their families.

For those who are ill or injured, the option to be posted to the Transition Group to focus on recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration will continue to be an option for consideration by the CAF member’s chain of command, which when actioned early in the recovery stage, will ideally increase the number of members who are able to return to their CAF duties.

Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1600



Room 106, First Floor, Building 64

*Virtual Services available upon request.

Transition Centre Winnipeg is the local face of the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group (DWAN), and aims to provide an integrated, one-stop centre to offer:

  • Transition support all CAF members, Veterans, and their families with transition from military to civilian.

  • Support for ill and injured CAF members and their families, as well as casualty support.

Various CAF stakeholders and partners are working together to provide professional, personalized, and standardized transition services to all CAF members, Veterans, and their families.

Click here for more information on transition services and policies.


Non-Medical Transition Services

Non-medical transition support to civilian all CAF members, Veterans, and their families with transition from military to civilian may be found in-person at 17 Wing/CFB Winnipeg Building 64, Room 106 or by contacting

Medical Transition Services

Ill and injured CAF members can have access to the following services and programs to help them recover or adapt to their new reality at the CAF Transition Centre Winnipeg. Our services include:

Integrated Services:

  • Transition support to medically transitioning personnel;

  • Return to work coordination;

  • Vocational transition assistance;

  • Home and vehicle modifications;

  • Support related to casualties and families of the fallen;

  • Information, support, and advocacy services for casualty administration, benefits, and programs; and

  • Administrative support to families of those CAF members who die while in service, including the disengagement of the Designated Assistant.

Support Platoon:

Ill and injured CAF members may be posted to the centre based on the recommendation of their unit CO and medical authority. At Transition Centre Winnipeg ill and injured CAF members who are posted to us are assigned a section commmander who will support their recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration towards their return to duty in the CAF or medical release.

Other Services:

  • Veterans Affairs Canada

  • Family Liason Officer

For more information:


Phone: 204-833-2500 ext. 4658

Address: We are located in the Canex Building 139, 17 Wing/CFB Winnipeg

CAF Transition Centre Winnipeg
#202 - 700 Wihuri Road 

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