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Advertising Information

The Voxair is an award winning newspaper that is distributed bi-weekly, year-round. We produce the paper locally out of 17 Wing Winnipeg, and cater to the niche market of RCAF Personnel in Winnipeg.

The paper is delivered to all units and schools on 17 Wing, as well as locally to military housing units.

Some of the benefits of advertising with us are:

  • Our readers have an employment rate of 100 per cent

  • The average salary for a 17 Wing employee is over 60K/year

  • 74 per cent of our readers are married with children

  • The base employs over 3600 military and civilian personnel and is one of the province's largest employers

If you'd like more information about advertising in the Voxair, please contact us at (204) 833-2500 ext 4120, or else send us an e-mail.

Submission Information

We are always welcoming submissions from our readers. We rely heavily upon feedback and submissions to put our paper together.

If you have a story you'd like to let us know about, or if you've written a story you'd like to submit please contact us at (204) 833-2500 ext 4120 or else send an email to

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