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Disc Golf Tournament

Corporal Mark Skora, who works at 17 OSS, couldn’t have been happier after winning the initial 17 Wing Disc Golf Tournament on June 22. “With this golf course being close to the base, it’s easy to come here almost every day,” Cpl Skora said.

Participants of the Disc Golf Tournament. Photo: Martin Zeilig, Voxair Photojournalist

12 participants took part in the tourney.

The “Longest Day of Play” tournament, co-sponsored by PSP Community Recreation and PSP Health Promotion, was open to Military/DND members, their partners and dependents (age 16+).

It was held at the disc golf course behind the parking lot of Building 90. There were three “cards, or groups, of four people each.

Disc golf is a game in which players attempt to throw a frisbee from a tee box into a standing basket hole, says online information. It’s similar to golf in that players try to get their disc into the basket in the least number of throws. The player with the least number of throws in a round of 18 holes wins.

Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee pad or area toward a target, known as a basket, throwing again from where the previous throw landed, until the basket is reached.

“The baskets are formed by wire with hanging chains above the basket, designed to catch the incoming discs, which then fall into the basket, for a score.”

Disc golf instructor Joshua Porter, who is sponsored by Disc Republic on Princess Avenue, ran a clinic for players before play started in which he demonstrated the basics of throwing backhand, forehand and putting before the tournament began.

Mr. Porter noted that he’s also an ultimate Frisbee player.

“I found the transition from ultimate to disc golf a little bit difficult at first because the throwing and discs are a little bit different,” he said.

“I think this is a nice, beginner friendly course with a few holes that are not so easy to do.”

Interestingly, he also mentioned that a lot of former baseball players, especially pitchers, turn to disc golf because they have such exceptional throwing abilities. “They have a powerful snap from playing baseball,” said Mr. Porter, who also noted that there’s a professional disc golf league in the United States.

Dylan James, Health Promotion Administrative Assistant, was also enjoying being out on the beautiful, warm day.

“There’s a good turnout,” he said.

“We’re just throwing some discs around. I’m loving it. There’s a blue sky with minimal clouds. It’s not too hot, and it’s good getting out and meeting new people. I’m having a great time.”

Back at the set up tent, Deanne Bennett, Health Promotion Acting Manager, echoed her colleague’s comments; “It’s so much fun. I sunk my first putt today. It was an amazing feeling. I learn more about the sport every time we have these clinics. It’s a great way to get out and get your steps in-- walking amongst the trees on this beautiful day.”

Meanwhile, Cpl Skora, whose first place prize was a Leopard 3 plastic disc putter, added: “It’s fun to play disc golf and I enjoy the camaraderie.”

It was a delightful day.

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