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Get to Know Our Customer Care Coordinator Darcee Dorrans

The Winnipeg MFRC is pleased to announce Darcee Dorrans’ hiring as Customer Care Coordinator.

Darcee Dorrans Photo credit: Marilyn Camaclang

As a new addition to our team, this position will play a huge role in helping us better understand the level of support each family requires so that we can provide or guide them to the right services available in and around our community.

Darcee entered the competition following an excellent track record as our receptionist and administrative assistant. She took on this position in August 2022, which speaks to her outstanding ability to deal directly with families and respond appropriately to their information requests or service needs.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Acadia University. She is proud to have become an intermediate speaker of the French language during a posting to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. This skill is integral to responding to the specific needs of our Francophone families.

The best way to describe Darcee is one who truly understands the unique experiences of military families. As a military spouse of 13 years, she has had her fair share of the many trials and triumphs of a family in service.

After four years in Quebec, her family moved to Winnipeg in 2021. Living here for more than a year now, she genuinely cares for our community as her own.

She said, “Joining the team is my way of giving back to this community. Frequent relocations or being away from a loved one is exceptionally challenging. I’m grateful to be in a position to help make it a little bit easier for families.”

Apart from work, she delights in swimming in the ocean and caring for animals. Although she grew up surrounded by water in Nova Scotia, her dream is to live on a farm. She so loves being around animals. She would never get tired of taking care of them. In fact, she has recently fostered cats with special needs from Egypt and just welcomed two young horses into the family. Not surprisingly, she competed in horseback riding in the past, and she sees her two kids following in her footsteps.

In her new work with us, Darcee will be an excellent resource to families facing relocations due to postings, or separations due to deployments or training. Besides having the knowledge and experience of all of that, she will be the one to connect them to the support that they need to thrive.

“As many families may have no family around, they shouldn’t feel alone. They should instead feel welcome and supported. I’d like them to have a positive experience when they come to us for support,” she ended.

Need help knowing and accessing the support available for you and your family? Know that Darcee will be happy to assist you. Call or email her at 204 833 2500 ext. 4500 or to make an appointment. Take note; she is bilingual, so do not hesitate to reach her today!

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