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Helping To Make A Difference

Marilyn Camaclang has found the perfect role for herself as the Marketing and Communication Officer at the Winnipeg Military Family Resource Centre.

Marilyn Camaclang Photo credit: Martin Zeilig, Voxair Photojournalist

“I like working here because I know I’m making a difference to military and veteran families,” said Ms. Camaclang. “The best thing about the job is helping make a difference in the lives of military families and assisting the work of the MFRC who is the primary resource for military families and veteran families.”

“Marilyn has formal training and years of experience in the field of marketing, communications and public relations with a strong focus on strategic planning and partnership building,” stated Allison Payne, Executive Director MFRC. “We were pleased to have Marilyn join our team. She has been successful in planning events, public speaking and developing materials to enhance giving at non-profit organizations. This made her an extremely good fit for us.”

Ms. Camaclang did a lot of community work in her homeland of the Republic of the Philippines prior to becoming a Canadian citizen. In the South Pacific Archeipelago, she worked with an organization assisting orphaned children for five years before moving to Canada as an immigrant.

“I did a program at the University of Winnipeg in Public Relations, Strategic Communications and Marketing for one year. After that, I started working for the Westland Foundation providing scholarships to inner city youth.”

She calls the MFRC a great organization, in particular because “it’s a multidisciplinary team” and family oriented. “I’m learning a lot from my colleagues, especially that working in the military community is not the same as working in other jobs,” Ms. Camaclang stressed. “I enjoy working with such creative colleagues, who are so experienced and knowledgeable about military families. I came during the modernization phase of the MFRC. There are changes in the way the MFRC works now. I’m very focused on my work, and I want to help the MFRC to better communicate and engage with its clients.” She is responsible for the overall marketing and communications portfolio of the MFRC. “We have a lot of communication channels, including the new CFMWS website, and our social media channels,” she continued. “We also develop digital and print materials to support our programs and events.”

Ms. Camaclang commented that her interest in the CAF goes back many years now. “I’m surrounded by friends in the military,” she stressed. In fact, she has submitted an application to become a member of the Military Reserves. “I’d like to become a public affairs officer,” Ms. Camaclang added.

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