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Interview with Major Patti Loutit, Wing Surgeon at 23 Health Services

As the Wing Flight Surgeon at 23 Health Services, Major Dr. Patti Loutit had nothing but praise for the personnel who helped out at the COVID-19 vaccine booster clinic in Building 21 on January 13, 2022.

Approximately 40 military personnel waited in the gymnasium near 1 Canadian Air Division for their turn to receive the booster shot at one of the vaccine stations.

"We had an exceptional turnout with personnel from all units and sectors," said Maj Loutit.

“23 Health Services personnel have been amazing in registering and giving vaccines, as well as nursing staff from 38 Brigade and general duty staff from OSS and MSS. To keep our members healthy and maintain operations, everyone has pulled together to provide this life-saving vaccine to our members. It has been a pleasure working with them."

“Currently, booster shots are only provided to military members, including some Reservists, who are going on operations and would otherwise not qualify.”

“We should have a couple of vaccination clinics next week, and then more once we receive more vaccines," she said.

Furthermore, she noted that over 90% of the military personnel at the Wing are immunized. Here, everyone is getting their booster shots.

As the good doctor smiled, she said, "It's so rewarding and heartwarming to see how everyone on the Wing works together."

“It’s a satisfying and rewarding part of this job.”

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