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March is Nutrition Month: Unlock the Potential of Food!

The theme for Nutrition Month 2023 is to Unlock the Potential of Food and practice healthy eating habits to take care of our families and ourselves.

Nutrition Month Photo credit McLaren Healthcare

Good nutrition and healthy eating help us live longer and live healthier.

They help manage weight, improve digestion, promote mental health, and prevent chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancers.

Since 1986, Dietitians of Canada have led Nutrition Month by spotlighting the importance of healthy eating and the role of dietitians. Dietitians are rigorously trained and regulated healthcare professionals and remain the most credible food and nutrition information source. Dietitians can help cut through the clutter of fads and gimmicks. They provide ethical, evidence-based nutrition advice to help you eat that works with your culture and traditions, preferences, and nutritional and personal needs such as taste, food skills, budget, and health conditions.

As of 1 July 2023, the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) will offer the new benefit of reimbursing up to $300/calendar year for consultation with a dietitian. This is good news for Public Service employees and for dependents of CAF members enrolled in the PSHCP.

Make the most of Nutrition Month by following the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide, such as planning meals, cooking more often, and involving your kids in the kitchen. Include physical activity along with your nutritious eating habits, helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can also subscribe to Canada’s Food Guide updates for health information and recipes to keep unlocking the potential of food throughout the year.

To get you started, UnlockFood has easy-to-read, science-based information on healthy eating and recipes. There is also Cookspiration: an interactive site with more meal planning and recipe ideas.

Keep an eye out for your local Health Promotion Delivery Team’s activities during Nutrition Month.Find a Dietitian (


Home cooking gets its mojo back (

Meal Planning (

S’abonner aux mises à jour du guide alimentaire canadien -

Find a Dietitian (

Pam Hatton, CD, RD, MSc is the Nutrition Wellness Specialist in the Directorate of Force Health Protection and provides science-based advice. As a member of the Strengthening the Forces team, she is involved in promoting healthy eating and nutritional wellness.

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