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Transition Centre's Family Liaison Officer Kim Smyrski

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

What you should know

The Winnipeg MFRC officially announces to the 17 Wing community Kim Smyrski's move to the Transition Centre (TC) as its Family Liaison Officer. Kim has assumed this role since spring, after eight years as our Adult Service Social Worker.

In her new role, Kim serves the families of ill and injured military members. She is there to help them cope with all phases of the member's recovery, rehabilitation, reintegration, or release. Her approach is to start where they are in their stage of the transition process.

Kim holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Manitoba and has been involved in social service work for over twenty years. Before working with us, she dealt with issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is also proficient in cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectal behaviour therapy, and guided imagery.

Kim has a variety of interests outside of work. She admires Jane Goodall and is recognized as one of her Chimp Guardians. She also cares for a 5-acre piece of land as her way of reconnecting with nature and her Ukrainian roots. As a pet lover and avid cross stitcher, you may get to see her masterpieces or meet her pet that she occasionally brings to the office.

Photo Credit: Kim Smyrski

In speaking with her, she creates a safe space where people can express their truth in a language comfortable to them. She is honoured that they can share with her, without any barriers, what is sacred to them. She does not let them feel judged by the actions they take or the decisions they make.

She said, "Every issue is a learning opportunity. People can make their own decisions and know there is no wrong action."

She is also flexible in meeting clients when and how they want. So, when you make an appointment, you can expect to hear from her as soon as possible. For Kim, no one can ever be prepared for when an issue will arise, so she keeps her communication line open.

She stressed, "Being there for somebody in distress anywhere, anytime prevents a crisis, which is more difficult to handle."

Tap into that communication line and prevent a crisis from happening in your life. Book a meeting with Kim now at or 204 833 2500 ext. 4478.

And if you're interested, she can tell you more about chimp guardianship herself.

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