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Wing Chief Slo-Pitch Tournament 2022

Master Warrant Office Ed Marshall, 1 Canadian Air Division, expressed sentiments that reflected the attitude of the vast majority, if not all, of the participants at the 2022 Wing Chief’s Slo-Pitch Tournament.

He was a member of the team fielded by 402 “City of Winnipeg” Squadron. There were 26 teams taking part in the fun tourney.

The tournament, held under a blazing, sun-blessed bright blue sky at the Little Mountain Sportsplex on June 17 included a free barbeque lunch.

The tourney, which attracted over 500 military members and DND employees, couldn’t be held at Ness Field where it’s usually held because that site wasn’t safe enough, PSP Sports Coordinator Dawn Redahl, the tourney’s OPI, said.

“I made a few tweaks to the rules,” she commented.

Each game was 50 minutes in duration followed by a ten minute break so participants could get over to the next ball field for their next game. Each team played four games.

“It’s a batter’s game, not a pitcher’s game,” Redahl emphasized.

“The whole PSP staff is helping out. It’s a huge event’ and there’s so much work to do.”

During the barbeque, Major Genevieve Dussault, Deputy Commander RCAF Barker College, presented a time capsule that will be opened 25 years from now.

“Members from each unit put something together about COVID that will be revealed in 25 years from now,” she said.

The wood box time capsule, contains items collected by Master Corporal Slangby.

It will be held in the Combined Mess for some months before being transferred to 17 MSS.

The box was built by Mike Bradford. All the items were collected by members of the Shadow Board—a group of enlisted CAF members who work with various officers and NCOs for a period of time in order to gain experience in higher ranking decision processes.

“The slo-pitch was a lot fun,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Carl Gravel, Deputy Wing Commander 17 Wing, who played on a team named the Hustlers.

Meanwhile, 17 Wing Chief Warrant Officer Claude Faucher was overjoyed by the turnout.

“It was an awesome time for everybody,” he said.

“Having a beautiful day like today was a blessing. We’re trying to find ways to inject fun back into our jobs. Our people have been pushing hard for a long time. COVID restrictions have been difficult for many people. Activities such as this tournament are fun. We want to see people having fun. The tournament was a great show.”

He also observed that the idea for the time capsule was one “we stole” from 14 Wing Greenwood, which had one prior to 17 Wing.

“I thought it would be good to remember the tough times that we’re going through right now,” he said.

“We gave this project to the Shadow Board members. They chose what items each unit came up with, and what should be included in the capsule. Hopefully, I’ll be around to see what will be in it twenty-five years from now. I won’t be in the military then, but hopefully I will be here to see it unveiled.”

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