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Chaplains | Spiritual Well-Being Centre

Wing Services Chaplains (

17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre

2235 Silver Avenue, Winnipeg (Off Whytewold/Wihuri Road)

Unit Chaplain Office Locations

Wing Chaplain: Building 137, Room 156A.

Phone Local 4885 

Hangar Chaplain: 16 Hangar, 3rd  Floor, Room 3290.

Phone Local 5785

MSS / OSS Chaplain: Building 129, Room 177.

Phone Local 5272

Transition Centre / CFRC / CFSSAT / MP Flight / RCAF Band Chaplain: Building 64, Room 106.

Phone Local 5087 

Detachment Dundurn

1-306-492-2135 ext. 4299

Emergency Duty Chaplain (after hours)
204-833-2500 Local 2633 or 2700

17 Wing Chaplain Services

What is the RCChs?

The Royal Canadian Chaplain Service (RCChS) contributes to the operational effectiveness of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) by supporting the moral and spiritual well-being of military personnel and their families in all aspects of their lives, during conflict and peacetime. Our motto is "VOCATIO AD SERVITIUM" which means "Called to Serve".

What does a Chaplain do?

A chaplain attends to the spiritual needs of people through conducting religious services, counseling, encouraging individuals in understanding themselves, interpreting theological/ moral issues and ethical questions, educating others in such areas as ethics, anger management, suicide prevention etc., and visiting the sick within the pluralistic environment of the CAF, military chaplains are extremely sensitive to the need to help CAF personnel and their families explore spiritual issues without imposing religious doctrine and practice.



Called to Serve:

A Strategy for Canadian Forces Chaplaincy

Our Features

Faith Worship & Spirituality

Please speak to us as far in advance as

possible for weddings, baptisms and

funerals. We are also available to discuss matters of individual spirituality and spiritual resilience

Support Services

17 Wing Chaplain Services provides a wide range of services in support of domestic and international operations, exercises and events. We provide advice to and engage with the DND/CAF chain of command and are available for ground training days.

Education & Programs

17 Wing Chaplain Services offers courses in preparation for weddings, baptisms, and first communion. We also offer workshops and lunch-and-learn programming related to spirituality throughout the year.

Special Events

The 17 Wing Community may reserve the 17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre and/ or its Common Social Space for special events.

Specal events organized in support of the 17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre will be communicated through various channels including the Voxair newspaper (see


Please register for events at

We Are Here to Serve

Our Features

What is Care & Share?

The 17 Wing Care & Share is a benevolent fund established to provide emergency support (financial and/or necessities) to Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, Department of National Defense (DND) employees and their families in times of extreme need.

(Note: It is not a registered charity.)


How can I contribute to the

Care & Share Fund?

CAF members, DND members and their

families are encouraged to attend and/or participate in various events held

throughout the year in support of the 17 Wing Care & Share Benevolent Fund.

17 Wing Care & Share

Vision & Mission

To uphold the dignity and well-being of

CAF members, and DND employees, and their immediate family while providing them support when they are experiencing difficulty in maintaining thenecessities of life.

17 Wing Care & Share

Mailing Address
17 Wing Winnipeg
PO Box 17000, Stn. Forces
Winnipeg, MB  R3J 3Y5

Sunday Catholic Mass or Liturgy of the Word with Communion
Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys Roman Catholic Faith Community
Chapel section of 17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre
Contact a chaplain for current timings. 
Sunday Protestant Worship
Good Shepherd Protestant Faith Community
Chapel section of 17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre
Contact a chaplain for current timings.
Monthly Indigenous Traditional Sweat Ceremony
Sweat Lodge of 17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre
Contact a member of the Defence Indigenous Advisory Group (DIAG).

Multi-faith Prayer Room
(Available upon request)
17 Wing Spiritual Well-Being Centre
Sentinel Course

Held throughout the year- contact your unit chaplain for more information.

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