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Mental Health

Hours of Operation (MFRC Services)

While every family has its own issues, there are some challenges that are specific to military families. Whether it's a concern about family, parenting, relationships, communication or just a need for someone to talk to, MFRC social workers are there to help. The MFRC understands the military lifestyle and can help you understand and access services available, both with the military and in the broader Winnipeg community.

The MFRC offers prevention and education workshops aimed at maintaining and enhancing mental health within military families. It also offers free, CONFIDENTIAL, short-term counselling for adults and children.

You can reach out to the Winnipeg MFRC at 204 833 2500 ext. 4500

Hours of Operation (23 Health Services)

Clinic Hours:

Mon - Fri: 0730 - 1600

Reception: +1-204-833-2500 ext. 5086

Military Mental Health. You’re Not Alone.
Member Assistance Program
Family Information Line
Call for a confidential talk 24x7.

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