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Student artwork brightens the walls at 23 Health Services

Updated: May 6

By Martin Zeilig


A display of lively artwork by nine grade six students from St. Edward’s School (836 Arlington Street) is now enhancing the walls of 23 Health Services.


The students’ teacher, Mr. Steven Hunt, said he first heard about the initiative to have community art posted in the Mental Health Unit

from his contacts at 23 Health Services.

Captain Hunt is also a reservist with 16/17/18 Field Ambulance. 


“I asked my students if they would be interested in helping military members and they agreed that it was a great idea,” he said in a written response via email to The Voxair.


“They all prepared pieces of art for the display.”


Health Services is looking to brighten up the Mental Health clinics and show community support for all CAF members, Capt Hunt added.


“The theme was to show support and admiration for all of our military members,” he said.


“The art will be on display until I can get my class next year to be involved in this great initiative. We are very pleased to support the Clinic and both 17 Wing and 38 CBG (Canadian Brigade Group).”


Capt Hunt also mentioned that the school has parents of other reservists and has had students from the 17 Wing and 38 CBG community. 


“Many of our students go on to join the Cadet program,” he said.


This is art for the benefit of our mental health. Well worth a visit.


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