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Penner Trees, Tree Removal/Pruning/Cleanup

Offer any chainsaw work, tree removal/pruning/cleanup services.

Fully insured for tree removals.

Limited overhead, keeping prices affordable.

Call or text/email some pictures for an estimate.



17 Wing AA Group

Meetings take place weekly on Thursday evenings at 19:00.


17 Wing Chapel Annex

2235 Silver Avenue


nv Eye Care & Eye Wear

100-698 Corydon Ave

@nvmyeyes for more info

RegF & Class B - Approved Forces Optical

FREE Eye Exams for youth under 19yrs of age

FREE Urgent Eye Care with MB Health#

15% OFF to all in-stock frames for members, Veterans and their immediate family until

31 Mar 2023

Veteran Co-owned with Dr. Nadine Shelton services en français e português

Call 204-504-6863 to Book an Appointment Today!


The Walleye Guy

Fresh/Frozen Pickerel Fillets and Cheeks, direct from the lake to your plate. Fillets (skinless and boneless) and Cheeks are packed in one pound vacuum sealed bags - ten bags per box. Our fish are sold within 48 hours of the harvest!

We have the best product and price in Winnipeg!

$13.00 per lb. for fillets and $15.00 per lb. for cheeks. 

Free Delivery to the base or anywhere in St. James on orders of 20 lbs. or more. Smaller orders can be picked up in Charleswood. Please call or text to 204-295-5583 to place your order. 


Camelot Introductions    

The Smart Way to Find Love


We are a boutique Matchmaking Service working with people who are

looking for a long term relationship 

For nearly 30 years we have helped


SINGLES into happily matched COUPLES

Call 204-888-1529

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