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Personal fitness programs are available for active military members. PSP Fitness Instructors will design a customized workout program.  

For more information, contact:  Sean Kochalyk

email: | ext. 2455


Fitness Instructors’ Office: ext. 2455 / ext. 4833

Personal Fitness Programs: Sean Kochalyk | ext. 2455

FORCE Rewards program: Kevin Roy | ext. 2455

Aerobic Award of Excellence: Antoni Kieloch | ext. 2455

Unit PT Classes: Stefan Dowhayko | ext. 4833

FORCE testing: contact your unit FORCE Coordinator to book

Reconditioning Manager: Don Mills | ext. 4626  *Requires referral from Medical professional or Physiotherapy*

FORCE Evaluator Course: Leeona Bond | ext. 2056 *For upcoming course dates & nominations*

FORCE CLINICS: Bldg 21 Participation is open to all active regular and reserve force members



No two paths to recovery are the same. The PSP Reconditioning program offers an individualized approach to help military members achieve their fitness and health goals.  

Support includes:

  • Health and wellness activities 

  • Fitness training 

  • Sports 

  • Recreation 

  • Solider On and community activities 

For information regarding this program, please contact your local PSP staff / 

Don Mills ext. 4626 


Key program outcomes: 

  • Prepare for occupational & operational training;

  • Reduce susceptibility to musculoskeletal injury;

  • Support women during pregnancy and maternal/parental leave; and

  • Maintain function through aging and gender development stages.

The program will provide relevant, targeted and evidence-based physical wellness and fitness supports that address gender specific requirements throughout the seven phases of a woman’s career. 

More info.

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