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The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Band is a group of 35 full-time professional musicians who routinely perform throughout Canada.

Comprised of a number of diverse groups and ensembles, the Band's role is to provide musical support to the Canadian Armed Forces, all levels of government, and to a variety of public functions. The Royal Canadian Air Force Band also proudly represents Canada and the Canadian Forces around the globe.

Military and public parades, ceremonial occasions, international tattoos, public and school concerts, official dinners, dances and receptions are all typical engagements for the Royal Canadian Air Force Band and its varied ensembles.

Royal Canadian Air Force Band
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Winnipeg MB  R3J 3Y5

Telephone: 204-833-2500 Ext. 5266

Royal Canadian Air Force Band Ensembles

The RCAF Band is comprised of many small ensembles that perform a wide variety of engagements, including official military functions, public concerts and sporting events.

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