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Aiming to support you better - Introducing Jessica Jones

The Winnipeg MFRC is pleased to introduce Jessica Jones to our 17 Wing community.

Jessica is our new Client Care Coordinator, the first point of contact for families clearing in and out of Winnipeg. As the connecting point for the support and services you may need, she will work on building a network of community organizations offering services tailored to military families. She will also engage volunteers to serve the families.

Jessica Jones. Photo credit Winnipeg MFRC

Originally from New Brunswick, she earned her Degree in Human Services Counseling from the community college. She has been passionate about meeting and helping people of diverse backgrounds throughout her career. It gives her joy to hear from them directly about what matters to them. It is her utmost desire to help meet their specific needs. This dedication and drive will help us improve our understanding of the families’ evolving needs.

She will also help increase our support capacities with her demonstrated knowledge and experience of newcomers and integration supports. Her most recent role of eight years was with the Multicultural Association of Fredericton. She contributed significantly to programs that helped settle newcomers, immigrants, and refugees into Canada. She also created an educational tool to fight racism in schools. Being bilingual, she is pleased they are now making it available to Francophone schools.

Amidst the ups and downs of being a military spouse for ten years, she is thrilled to be a parent to two beautiful children. Making time for a weekly get-together with the friends she has made in the military community has helped her find a work-life balance.

“The sense of community and friendly people, the many things to do and beautiful places to visit, like campsites and lakes, have helped our family settle in and find a sense of well-being here,” she added.

She advised newly-relocated families: “Don’t hesitate to connect with other military families. We are in similar situations, facing similar challenges. We have the unique ability to create community and connection through our shared experiences.”

As an MFRC client since their posting in Winnipeg three years ago, Jessica appreciates the hard work put into each service offered. She is also impressed by the staff’s expertise and unique skill set that complement each other to create a good client experience.

She is eager to bring to the table what she thinks families may need or the supports that would be most beneficial to them, gleaned from her own experience of relocations or absences of the spouse due to deployment or training.

She said, “I know how hard it is to face life’s changes with no support system. It is important for families to have a sense of belonging in the community. They need to find people and services they can lean on. These are most needed to cope better with the challenges facing military families.”

Contact Jessica Jones at 204-833-4500 local 4575 or to let us know your needs and how to support you better.

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