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Chelsea Obsniuk: A 23 Health Services Clerk making a difference

By Martin Zeilig

Lieutenant Christopher Fuller, Primary Care Nurse in 23 Health Services Clinic, calls Chelsea Obsniuk, administrative clerk at the clinic, a “master of multi-tasking.”

Ms. Obsniuk certainly lives up to Lt Fuller’s compliment.

“Chelsea is our administration desk,” Lt Fuller said, during an interview at 23 HSC on January 15.

“So, anyone who comes in for an appointment is going to have to book with Chelsea. I’ve been admiring how many tasks she can do at once. Even though she’s dealing with so much stuff, she’s happy and has a bright demeanor.”

Ms. Obsniuk started working at 23 Health Services a year ago.

“I don’t have a background in Health Care,” said the graduate of Miles McDonnell Collegiate and the University of Winnipeg.

“I applied for this job because I had a friend who worked here and she said great things about working for the federal government and DND. So, I thought I’d give it a try.”

Her day to day to work consists of checking people in for appointments, taking telephone calls, assisting clinicians with various tasks, and answering, administrative questions from clients.

Her previous experience as an events coordinator has been put to good use at 23 Health Services.

Lt Fuller noted that Ms. Obsniuk organized a team from the unit for the annual Government of 2023 Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign Herc pull at Hangar 16.

“She gathered up a lot of people for that and got them all excited about it,” he said.

“She took part in planning our Christmas party and the Koats for Kids (a GCWCC/United Way event. She does above and beyond what’s required of her in this job.”

Ms. Obsniuk remarked that when the call came out for the Herc pull she was able to put a team together quickly with the help of others.

“I believe it’s important to be involved in the community for team building,” she said, mentioning that she is part of the unit’s “moral and wellness committee.”

She also helped organize an “Impromptu Comedy Night,” where members of the unit went to Rumours Comedy Club on January 16.

“I like having a good time to get through the day,” Ms. Obsniuk said with a smile.

“So, we started this pet wall. There’s a wall of pictures of pets from all of my staff members by my desk. Instead of looking at boring stuff, people can look at the various cats, dogs, a cow, birds even a fish.”

What a great co-worker.

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