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Congratulations Sergeant Vincent C.Benoit | Flight Safety For Professionalism Award

On May 15, 2023, Sgt C.Benoit was the Team Lead during a day of SAR training. The crew was conducting safety checks prior to opening the ramp and door for SAR drops.

Although the checks were already complete, Sgt C.Benoit did an additional cross check of all the monkey tails and discovered that a fellow crew member’s button was not fully popped, indicating that there was not a positive lock on the spring latch, although the button originally indicated that it was locked during the initial check. Sgt C.Benoit immediately attempted to properly latch the hook, but in doing so discovered that it was malfunctioning and would fully open when it should not. He notified the Load Master and the faulty monkey tail was quarantined.

Sgt C.Benoit has consistently shown excellent attention to detail and situational awareness, which has granted him a Good Show award just last year. This second deed most likely prevented a very dangerous and potentially fatal situation from arising. For complete dedication to his crew’s safety and the FS Program, Sgt C. Benoit is awarded the Flight Safety For Professionalism Award

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