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Honoring Ontario's Military Heroes: Share Your Story in the Annual Military Service Recognition Book Program

The Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command extends an invitation to Ontario Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members to contribute their stories to the annual Military Service Recognition Book (MSRB) Program. This initiative aims to capture and commemorate the experiences of those who have dedicated themselves to serving our country.

The Military Service Recognition Book is a tribute to the valor and commitment of Ontario's Veterans, highlighting their contributions during times of both war and peace. Beyond acknowledging individual sacrifices, the book plays a crucial role in preserving the legacy of those who have played a vital part in shaping the nation and upholding Canada's role as a defender of freedom.

This annual publication serves as a reminder for generations to come, ensuring that the sacrifices made by these individuals are never forgotten. The stories shared within its pages provide a glimpse into the diverse and meaningful experiences of Ontario's military community, creating a lasting testament to their dedication.

The impact of the Military Service Recognition Book extends far beyond its pages. Copies of the book are generously distributed to various institutions, including Legion Branches, Veterans, Schools, Libraries, Military Bases, Museums, local Municipal Buildings, and Community Resource Centres. This widespread dissemination ensures that the stories within the book reach diverse audiences, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the service and sacrifices made by our military members.

For those eager to contribute to this noble initiative, the process is simple. If you or a loved one wish to share a story, kindly reach out to your Local Legion Branch for guidance and assistance. Alternatively, submission forms are available on the Ontario Provincial Command website at, providing a convenient platform to share your unique military journey.

As we approach the annual Military Service Recognition Book Program, let us collectively contribute to this living testament of courage, sacrifice, and service. Your stories are not just records of the past; they are beacons guiding the way for future generations to understand and appreciate the profound impact of military service on our community and our nation.

Together, let us ensure that the legacy of Ontario's military service members continues to shine brightly in the pages of the Military Service Recognition Book.

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