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Your efforts to conduct and maintain air and space operations and capabilities are deeply appreciated.  RCAF personnel deserve the equipment and clothing needed to carry out these tasks safely and the Temperate Weather Safety Boots (TWSB) are one such item that has been the source of repeated concerns.


Although TWSB are currently available in the supply system at your local clothing stores, it is recognized that they are out of stock in certain sizes, do not offer personal choice, and that the design is based on dated technical requirements that are not responsive to the RCAF's future needs. 


A new approach to providing a replacement TWSB has been prioritized for roll out during the first phase of the Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract (OCFC2) and this will offer a pre-screened range of boots for members to select from. To ensure that the pre-screened range of boots enable entitled members to do their job safely, Directorate of Air Requirements 6 staff and various subject matter experts are working to update the RCAF’s technical requirements for the TWSB, reviewing critical safety and comfort details such as 'steel' versus 'composite' toe cap protection. 


As this work continues, there is still some time between now and when the first phase of OCFC2 is expected to be complete. Until then, members who are entitled to wear TWSB are encouraged to engage their local Clothing Stores if their issued TWSB do not fit correctly.  Clothing Stores staff will then work with each individual to either outfit them with a pair of TWSB that do fit correctly or authorize the purchase of a commercial off-the-shelf TWSB and coordinate the necessary administrative requirements to ensure reimbursement.


The Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract (OCFC2) linked at reference will soon see over 1,200 operational clothing items move from over-the-counter issues at Clothing Stores to an on-line, direct-to-member delivery similar to Distinct Environmental Uniform (DEU) items available from Logistik Unicorp. The new Temperate Weather Safety Boots (TWSB) is just one of the many items that will be available under this new contract.


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