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The next Comd RCAF's Vector Check is scheduled for 11 June 2024!

On behalf of LGen Kenny, Plan Qulliq is issuing a "Challenge Call" to all RCAF members across the Wings to gather ideas that may improve operational efficiency or quality of life at your Wing! Beginning today, we are launching a campaign to collect ideas at all Wings across the RCAF, bucketing them into their respective Wings for evaluation. Two Wings will be selected to showcase their ideas at the Vector Check, whereby one Wing will be supported with a $200,000 budget to address their ideas for advancement. Plan Qulliq will support the selected Wing for 6 months to enable the cross-functional collaboration and facilitate the work to address their specific ideas. Any gains that are realized can be shared or scaled to other Wings in the future.



The biproducts of this Vector Check challenge are vast:

- Demonstrate leadership support & commitment through the $200K funding and PQ Team resources;

- Create the framework to gather ideation on local topics for WComds who may be resource-constrained;

- Identify trends or themes across Wings that can be solved at the Div / RCAF-level; and

- Directly support 3 of 4 streams of the RCAF Campaign Plan (People, Readiness, Modernization).


Get ready to make a difference and be part of the positive change within the RCAF community!


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