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Turtle Island Project invitation | 27 Feb | half day workshop

The 17 Wing Defence Indigenous Advisory Group, DIAG will be hosting the Turtle Island Project - Experiential Exercise Reconciliation.


Where: Spiritual Well-Being Center Annex (2235 Silver Ave)

When: February 27th from 0830 – 1130 for up to 30 participants


Please RSVP to with nominations.

Once names have been gathered, participants will receive a follow-up email.


What is the Turtle Island Project?

- Create a safe and authentic space to openly dialogue

- Create a safe and authentic space to explore common grounds between Indigenous and Newcomer populations

- Facilitate participants’ roles in reconciliation and relationship building with Indigenous Peoples in Canada

- Support Newcomer Canadians to fully understand and realize their position in society by being part of “We Are All Treaty People”

- Debunk myths and misinformation about Indigenous Peoples

Vision Statement:

Turtle Island Project (TIP) is an action-oriented exercise designed to transform society’s negative perceptions of Indigenous Peoples and engage in reconciliatory action. Participants will be invited to walk in the shoes of Indigenous Peoples on a journey that began 150 years ago, and then share in celebrating the lives of Indigenous Peoples today.


- Sharing Circles

- True life stories from residential school and 60s scoop survivors

- Tipi teachings and participation in setting up a full-size tipi

- Tours of a First Nation's reserve and interacting with local leadership and community

- Organize Powwow Performances

“I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colours of humankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.” -Crazy Hor

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