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Hours of Operation

Mon - Wed: 0745 - 1145 | 1300 - 1400

Thu: 0745 - 1145 

Fri: 0745 - 1145 | 1300 - 1400


Prescription Refills
Refills require 48 hours notice (or 2 business day) for processing.
If you require a prescription refill call local 5263 and leave a message. The filed prescription can be picked up the next business day during hours of operation.

OTC medications are available at the pharmacy during working hours. These are medications that do not require a prescription. For a list of these medications or questions call the pharmacy at local 5263P or talk to your healthcare provider.

After Hours Medications

Emergency Visits and Post-Operation Discharge
CF members that have been discharged from a civilian hospital, and require medication for pain control should report directly to a civilian pharmacy.

You will be required to show your Blue Cross card.

Outside Healthcare Providers
CF members receiving prescriptions from after-hours or outside health care providers can have prescriptions
filled by:
1. The base pharmacy the following day if the medication does not have to be started immediately
2. Any Civilian pharmacy if the medication needs to be started immediately.You will be required to show your Blue Cross card.

NOTE: When getting medications from a civilian pharmacy, Blue Cross has a pre-approved list of medications.  If the prescription you are trying to fill is not on the Blue Cross list and the civilian pharmacist cannot contact Blue Cross or the base pharmacy, the member can either pay for the prescription out of pocket or have the prescription returned and brought to 23 CF H Svcs C the next business day.
Reimbursement for Prescriptions
If you have to pay for a prescription out of pocket, save your receipt(s) and bring them to the medical finance section to initiate the reimbursement process.

Please note that some medications might not be
reimbursed if they are not authorized.

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