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Twenty-one Ideas to Give Your Pets Happier, Healthier lives!

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Here are some ideas to show your Pet some Love!

1. Schedule regular check-ups with the vet. Your pet can’t tell you if they are not feeling well, having them checked out can identify a problem before it escalates.

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2. Feed your pet a healthy, balanced diet. Pay close attention to the ingredients in the pet food that you buy. Your pet does not need chemicals or fillers. They need nutrients and proteins.

3. Give your pet plenty of exercise and playtime. To keep their bodies in good shape, avoid obesity and boredom.

4. Provide a comfortable, safe place for your pet to sleep. Our pets need a lot more sleep than we do and having a quiet comfortable space to relax will result in a happier, healthier animal.

5. Make sure your pet is receiving the proper vaccinations and treatments. This point is easy to miss because if there is not a problem why worry? But keeping up with regular vaccinations can ward off major health issues that would be a lot more costly. While the pet is getting vaccinated, they are also getting checked over to see if anything else may be happening, a win-win vet visit!

6. Invest in pet insurance to cover any unforeseen medical costs. To help with budgeting, this is a way to keep finances on track and not become overwhelmed by a major vet bill.

7. Give your pet plenty of love and attention. In our busy lives, sometimes we forget, the pets need cuddles too!

8. Arrange for occasional pet sitting or boarding when necessary. When you are going to be away, there are great boarding facilities that will take good care of your pet.

9. Take your pet for regular grooming, brushing, and nail trimming. Lots of this you can do at home, but if you are not comfortable with things like nail trimming, leave it to the professional.

10. Provide plenty of toys, beds, and other comforts for your pet. Keeping your pet active and comfortable is a great way to show them love!

11. Monitor your pet’s health for any signs of illness or distress. Watch for changes in behavior and eating habits to give you clues to your pet’s wellbeing.

12. Teach your pet basic commands and obedience. Life with your pets is much more enjoyable if they listen and follow directions. It can also keep them safe and out of trouble.

13. Research the best pet care products and services available. Always check into the reviews about products, and ask what are other peoples, pet experiences with the product?

14. Establish a regular cleaning and maintenance routine for your pet. Pets do clean themselves regularly, but they still need bathing and grooming.

15. Provide your pet with plenty of fresh water throughout the day. Washing the water bowl daily is also important as scummy bacteria grows in a dirty bowl.

16. Make sure your pet always has access to shade and shelter. Pets can get sunburnt, just like people. In winter, make sure your pet has a place to go to get away from the wind and cold.

17. Avoid feeding your pet human food, as it may be unhealthy for them. “Scraps” might seem like an economical way to feed your pet, but there is a lot of people food that is toxic for your pet.

18. Socialize your pet regularly to help them adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. This will help them adapt and be comfortable in different situations.

19. Be patient and understanding when training and disciplining your pet. You want the training time to be positive, it will be far more productive then getting angry with the pet.

20. Spend quality time with your pet, like taking them for walks or playing fetch. This is good for both you and your pet’s mental health and well-being

21. Give your pet plenty of mental stimulation with puzzles and interactive toys. This helps to relieve boredom and depression.

In your situation you may not be able to do all the things on this list for your pet. These are only suggestions to improve your pet’s quality of life. The most important thing is just to do the best you can for your pet.

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