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Becoming a Better Man - Interview with Author Mike Cameron

“If we don’t understand the underlying emotions that drive the decisions that we, and others make, we have zero chance of living a life of purpose. We have very little chance of building a business with intention.”

Author Mike Cameron receives Wing Commander Coin from Col. Spott

Mike Cameron, TEDx Speaker, Canadian author, entrepreneur, and Certified Executive Coach has devoted over 2 decades to studying the roots of our emotions and their subsequent influence on our behaviour. Mike uses his expertise in emotional fitness extensively in the realms of sales, leadership, professional speaking, and business creation.

Mike founded and later sold Axiom Mortgage – one of Canada’s largest independent brokerage firms. One of his most enduring passions is to help men learn how to be present with their emotions – to wade into their vulnerability and, in turn, discover this as a superpower to becoming a better, more holistic, and powerful leader. One could say he’s a blend of David Goggins, Brené Brown, and Ram Dass – three very powerful and impactful leaders that all bring a wealth of insight and wisdom to our world in the domains of emotional intelligence, resiliency, physical fortitude, and the enduring significance of cultivating deep relationships.

Mike has embarked on a life-long mission to bring awareness to the way our culture views emotional strength. During Mike’s presentation here at 17 Wing Winnipeg, he emphatically states, “We need to redefine what it means to be badass. The way we think about strong is wrong. I’m here because we need to start giving people – specifically men – permission to feel.”

After tragedy struck Mike’s life on October 2nd, 2015, it catapulted him even faster into the world of coaching men. He used his expertise and initiative to create Connect’d Men – an organization that opens a safe space for men to share, listen, be listened to and, ultimately, practice emotional fitness. The death of Mike’s girlfriend propelled him to organize a run to oppose violence

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