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They Stand On Guard For Us

Major Jeff Mitchell calls himself a “transplanted Winnipegger.”

Major Jeff Mitchell Photo credit: 17 Wing Imaging

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Winnipeg has been home for most of my life,” said the Commanding Officer of 2 Canadian Air Division during a telephone interview on February 28.

Maj Mitchell was born into a military family in North Bay, ON, and grew up in the Air Force life all around the world at McChord AFB, near Tacoma Washington, CFB Trenton, CFB Edmonton, CFB Baden-Sollingen and in 1992, his adopted hometown of Winnipeg, before joining the Royal Canadian Air Force in August 2012, notes his autobiography.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Criminology) from the University of Manitoba in 2000 and later joined the RCAF in 2012 and completed his Logistics and Human Resource Management specialty training. Major Mitchell was posted to the Canadian Forces Army and Command Staff College in Kingston in 2014 as the College’s Administration Officer.

In 2015, he was promoted to Captain and posted to 8 Wing Trenton to the 8 Wing HQ, and shortly after that, to CFPU HQ as the Adjutant. He deployed in 2017 to Adazi, Latvia as part of the theatre opening for Op REASSURANCE as the Contracts Officer.

During his tour at 8 Wing, Major Mitchell was posted to the Mighty Canucks of 436 (T) Squadron as their Admin O for two years. In 2021, Major Mitchell was posted to the Canadian Joint Operations Command in Ottawa as the J1 Personnel Management 2. Upon promotion to Major in the summer of 2022, he was posted to 2 Canadian Air Division Headquarters to assume duties as the Commanding Officer of 2 CAD HQ.

Maj Mitchell noted that 2 Canadian Air Division (2 CAD) is the foundation for the RCAF training and education, and ensures continuity throughout the RCAF training continuum.

The Commander of 2 CAD is, says the Government of Canada website, accountable to the Commander of the RCAF and provides oversight of RCAF individual education and training, including ab-initio training for most RCAF occupations; Oversight of core RCAF developmental courses, and support to the overall RCAF training management.

“We’re not quite at full staffing now and full operating speed,” Maj Mitchell, explained.

“But, we’re dealing with the same problems the CAF are experiencing overall. Right now, 2 CAD is moving forward with modernizing our training.

We’re getting training to the state where the Air Force is taken off completely.”

There’s also a big focus on “cultural evolution” in the CAF right now, he said.

“That’s our primary focus with 2 CAD right now,” he added.

Maj Mitchell underlined the “brotherhood and sisterhood of like-minded people” in the CAF as a whole—a common passion for Canada and what they do for a living.

“I believe wholeheartedly in what we stand for and the group of people who do what we do,” he said.

They stand on guard for us.

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