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Voxair's New Face

by Corporate Services

Introducing the new Voxair logo! Our team has worked hard to create a design that reflects our commitment to the CAF community. Inspired by the RCAF Centennial logo and legacy Voxair logos, the new Voxair logo reflects the 17 Wing Community in its unique way. 


The Plains bison, Manitoba’s provincial animal, is a reminder of the bison that used to roam the plains of Manitoba. The Bison in the logo is picked as it was featured in the first edition of Voxair in 1952. Today, it represents our community and rests in the center as we focus on delivering to our members. 


The maple leaves are a tribute to the Canadian National Flag.


The colors and design represent the RCAF with red, encircled by white, followed by an outer layer of blue circles.


Voxair has been the voice of the CFB Winnipeg community for 72 years, primarily in the form of a magazine and newspaper; we are now witnessing an evolution. The website is being restructured and will soon be your go-to source for all things related to the CAF community.

Keep an eye out for more updates and exciting news!

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