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Still Going Strong After 15 Years

On 15 January, the 17 Wing Archery Club celebrated the 15th anniversary of the approval of our Constitution. Our club has grown from the founding five members to a current membership of 47.

17 Wing Archery Club (Photo credit: Ron Cooney)

We recently hosted three archery tournaments in Building 21. The first of these was an 18m target archery tournament on 28 Dec, 2022. We had 15 participants from around the Province, ranging in age from nine to 54 years old. Archers shot a total of 60 arrows, worth a maximum score of ten points each. This event was sanctioned by both Archery Canada and Archery Manitoba, the governing bodies for Archery at the National and Provincial levels.

On 15 January, we hosted a new type of event. This one was an “Intro to 3D Archery” event as part of the Provincial “First Flight” tournament program. This program introduces novice shooters to the tournament environment through the use of a mentored shoot. Experienced archers mentor the novices through the process and provide tips, hints, and explanations in a semi-instructional setting. This event was designed for novice archers who had never competed in a 3D event. In 3D, the classic paper targets are replaced by life-size animal-shaped targets, at unknown distances. Not only do you have to hit the scoring ring, but you first have to estimate the distance to the target. We had an outstanding turnout for this event. Thirty-seven Archers ranging in age from eight to 62 shot in this event and everyone had a great time.

Our final tournament of the month was our annual Indoor 3D Tournament. After a 2 year hiatus due to COVID restrictions, it was great to be able to host this event once again. Apparently, the archers were as eager to come out and shoot as we were to host them. We had 64 archers from all over Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario, ranging from nine to 77 years old. This was the second-largest event we had ever hosted, second only to our 2015 Indoor 3D when we had 66 shooters.

As you can see from the ages of the participants, archery is a sport for the whole family that can be enjoyed for your entire life, and it’s never too late to start. Come and check out one of our sessions to learn more about the sport and try it. We have some beginner-level equipment that you can use and several certified instructors who can get you started.

We shoot in Building 21, every Wednesday from 1900-2100 and Sunday from 0900-1100. During the summer months, we move to our outdoor range, across the street from the North gate.

Check out our Facebook page “17 Wing Archery Club” or send an email to for more information.

See you at the range.

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